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Our (Beach) Camps

At DSBC different full-time formats of different content and duration throughout the year.

3 days in October


Crash Course

Learn the basics of the most popular and most powerful coding language.

No prerequisites

3 days in November

Data Visualization and Storytelling

Tired of Excels and Powerpoint?

Create interactive dashboards with Tableau to better tell your story.

No prerequisites

Screenshot 2019-04-17 at 00.12.39.png
2 weeks in October

Introduction to

Machine Learning

Start Machine Learning from zero. Learn about the most common algorithms.


No prerequisites

2 days in November

Data Analysis

with R

Learn the basics of this popular coding language for statistics and data analysis.

No prerequisites

3 days in October

Deep Learning

Crash Course

Jump right into building your first image classification algorithm with Python.

Prerequisites: Python 

(e.g Python Crash Course)

2 days in November

Data Analytics in Business

and Organizations

Any organisation can benefit from a more data-driven approach. In this course we'll show you how.

No prerequisites

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