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Data Analysis with R

In collaboration with

Synapso Learning, Bangkok:


In this three-day course you will master the basics of the widely used open-source language R and use it to conduct your own basic statistical analyses. Oracle estimated over 2 million R users worldwide in 2016, cementing R as a leading programming language in statistics and data science.


For this course no prior knowledge is required, neither in programming nor statistics. We will teach you the concepts, topics, and techniques used by data scientists and statisticians every day—including observational studies and experiments, correlation, regression, exploratory data analysis, and inference. You’ll also develop your stats skills by working with real-world data, including Stack Overflow surveys, real estate prices, and medical shipment data.


Join us to learn about the power of statistics and how it can be used in your day-to-day analyses no matter what industry you are from!


  • Duration: 3 days

  • Effort: Full time (8h per day)

  • Course: Proprietary by our partner Synapso Learning

  • Location: Indian-Thai Chamber of Commerce, Bangkok

  • Tuition fee: 150 USD or 4,500 THB

  • Participants: Up to 10

  • Language: English

  • Certificate: Upon request

  • Next camps: February 2022(Exact Date: TBD)

Full details

What is the curriculum?

The course spans across three full days (8h each) with the following topics covered for each day:


Day 1: Introduction to R

  • Getting started with R on your computer

  • Introduction to basics in R

  • Vectors, matrices, data frames

  • Using R Studio and R Markdown

Day 2: Stats Fundamentals with R – Part 1

  • Performing your first basic analyses in R

  • Introduction to data

  • Exploratory data analysis

  • Case study

Day 3: Stats Fundamentals with R – Part 2

  • Generate deeper insights from data using R

  • Correlation and regression

  • Multiple and logistic Regression

  • Case study

Who is this workshop for?

  • Anyone who wants to learn about the most common statistical methods

  • Anyone who wants to go beyond Excel or SQL and use a more powerful programming language, i.e. R

  • Anyone who wants to switch careers to more technical or data-driven roles


How do I apply?

This course does not have an application process. You can simply sign up and secure your participation by directly making the payment via the registration form.

What does it all cost?

In the registration process you can directly make the payment of the tuition fee of 150 USD (4500 THB) for the full course (refundable). There are limited financial packages available. Simply get in touch!


Will I get a certificate at the end?

Since this is a proprietary course not associated with a university, there is no certificate available. However, upon request we can issue a certificate for your employer.

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