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Note: The pictures above are sample pictures from another course that we have given. There won't be any laptops required.

In collaboration with

Synapso Learning, Bangkok:


Data Analytics in Organizations and Business

Data analytics is the process of generating insights from large amounts of data in order to make better (business) decisions. As part of the digital transformation, modern companies are making large investments to use data analytics to become more data-driven. Making data analytics work in large organizations and businesses, goes well beyond having the right data and the right analytics tools.


In this course we explore industry standards of how data analytics projects can be realized in the real world. We will cover project setup and planning, assessing the data and all processes surrounding it, analytics models and their lifecycle management in the context of the complex and fast-changing business world.

Who is this DSBC for?

The camp is for people who would like to get a head-start in coding - be it for data analysis or software development. The applications are vast! Data Analytics in Business and Organization is one of the most popular skills in industry and academia. You do not need to have any prior coding experience to get started with this crash course.


What is the curriculum?

The course spans across two full days (8h each) and is based on Dr. Flückiger's course at ETH Zürich.


The module cover following concepts:

  • Data Analytics and digital transformation

  • Project set-up and planning

  • Data assessment

  • Analytics Model

  • Life cycle management of models

Where is the DSBC?

We believe that your learning effect is maximized if you are part of an inspiring and motivating community without the plentiful distractions of a large city. Hence, we have chosen Remote & Digital, a coworking company based in Koh Pha Ngan, as our partner. Here coworkers, entrepreneurs, educators - and learners - come together from all over the world to combine high productivity with a balanced state of mind.


How do I apply?

Please sign up for the event and we will get in touch with you regarding details on the application. In the course of the application we will check for your background and motivation by means of an online interview to make sure we offer the best experience possible for you. Note that we are accepting only up to 15 participants. Only after you have been accepted, the tuition will be due.

What does it all cost?

Applying via signing up to this event is for free. Upon successful admission the tuition fee of 150 USD for the full course will be due (refundable). There are limited financial packages available. Simply get in touch!


Will I get a certificate at the end?

An optional certificate on completion issued by University of Michigan (!) that you can share on LinkedIn etc. can be directly purchased on Coursera for 79 USD.


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