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Deep Learning Crash Course

This course is for students who already have a little bit of programming language and would like to learn about the basics of Deep Learning without spending too much time on theory. In this course, we will quickly show you the basics and get very quickly to building and training your first image classification algorithm based on Deep Learning.


You will be surprised how easily you can build your own state-of-the-art algorithm that will not only differentiate pictures cats vs. dogs but their breeds! In your own model you will be able to choose your classes. How about images of Thai dishes?



Who is this DSBC for?

The camp is for people who would like to learn how Deep Learning, the basis for the today's advanced AI-algorithms, actually works. In this course you will get right into building your first image classifier, i.e. an AI that can tell apart different dog breeds. You do need to have some prior coding experience in Python to succeed in this course.


What is the curriculum?

The course spans across three full days (8h each) and is based on one of the most popular Deep Learning courses on the internet, "Practical Deep Learning For Coders (" instructed by Jeremy Howard, Kaggle's former Chief Scientist. The course has been appraised in The Economist, Forbes, MIT Tech Review and The New York Times.


The modules cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to Neural Networks

  • GitHub and Jupyter Notebooks

  • Using GPUs for massive calculations

  • Differentiating Cats vs. Dogs

  • Build your own image classifier

Where is the DSBC?

We believe that your learning effect is maximized if you are part of an inspiring and motivating community without the plentiful distractions of a large city. Hence, we have chosen Remote & Digital, a coworking company based in Koh Pha Ngan, as our partner. Here coworkers, entrepreneurs, educators - and learners - come together from all over the world to combine high productivity with a balanced state of mind.


How do I apply?

Please sign up for the event and we will get in touch with you regarding details on the application. In the course of the application we will check for your background and motivation by means of an online interview to make sure we offer the best experience possible for you. Note that we are accepting only up to 15 participants. Only after you have been accepted, the tuition will be due.

What does it all cost?

Applying via signing up to this event is for free. Upon successful admission the tuition fee of 150 USD for the full course will be due (refundable). There are limited financial packages available. Simply get in touch!


Will I get a certificate at the end?

The organisation does not offer any certificates. Instead they highlight the fact that you will create and publish a project in you GitHub repository, which is also an important reference for your AI skills.

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